Monday, March 16, 2015

March 13 in Carlos A. Carillo

First off sorry for not sending a group last week. I was gonna come back to send it, but I never got the chance. It’s not something normal so don’t worry. Anyway these last two weeks have been very rough. We’ve been working very hard but we haven’t had any success. Well, hardly any. But it’s okay. I came to the realization in Baxcax that no matter how hard it ever gets, I’ll get up and go to work and give it my all every day, because I know that the things I’m preaching are true. You come out here and the things you see and feel make it impossible to not know it. Sometimes Heavenly Father sends us through trials just because he wants to see how many times we’ll stand back up. And if we pass, we are very blessed. So I’m going to pass. 

Anyways, we’ve been working a lot with an investigator named Vicky. (I’ve met a LOT of Vickies out here:) She’s not married, but has two kids. She has read the Book of Mormon a lot and knows that it’s true. She’s just afraid to be baptized for a bunch of irrational reasons. While we were thinking about what to teach her, I started to think a lot about fear and faith. Also around this time a letter arrived from my mom that more or less talked about this topic. I’ve realized that fear is the enemy to faith. Faith means we act without seeing, because we believe that it’s real. But we don’t know. When we act, our actions are rewarded with signs, signs that strengthen our faith and help us know that these things are true. Ether 12:6. But when we have fear, and our fear overwhelms our faith, we don’t act because we’re afraid of what might happen. Then we don’t receive the signs and miracles that guide us to strengthen our faith, and if our faith isn’t getting stronger, it’s weakening. Fear is the killer of faith. If we let it. And who doesn’t want us to have faith? Hhhmmmmmm..... Satan? Yep that’s right. So if we’re afraid to act on our faith, that’s where it comes from. If we want to have faith then just throw the fear aside, and trust that God is all-powerful, and can save us and bless us if we act in accordance with His will.

Okay and now on to this week.... well as they always do, changes came again. This time it’s Elder Garcia who will be leaving, headed to Orizaba, the northern area of the mission with very high mountains. Guess who his companion is gonna be? Elder Kerr!!! My comp from the MTC! So that’s super awesome. And my new companion....... for the first time since the MTC he will be American. My companion will be Elder Johnson! I actually already know him. He was in Tuxtlas for awhile while I was there. I’m really excited to speak English a little again. Anyways that’s basically what’s up with me... see yall next week!

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