Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 in Aeropuerta, Reforma, Veracruz City

Soooo.... A TON has happened this week. First off, the biggest news: I’m no longer in Carlos A. Carrillo. I’m now back in Reforma, but in an area called Aeropuerto. It’s the area with the airport in it.  I guess they think my Spanish is just fine, because I’m with a native English speaking.

And now here’s the story of Area Aeropuerto: It was a ward called Progreso, but they split the ward. Elder B went with his companion to Aeropuerto, and the other missionaries stayed in Progreso. Elder B’s companion got sick, and was in the hospital for awhile, then got sent home for more medical care. So I’m coming in with Elder B now, and were going to help this place get revived. I’m super excited to be here. Elder B is a really hard worker and one of the best companions I’ve had. This place is LOADED with people being prepared to hear the gospel. We expect to teach MANY people in the coming months.

I also got the chance to talk with my family on Mother’s Day and that was super cool. That’s all for this week, more later. :)

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