Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8 in Reforma, Veracruz City

Well, today I don't have much time, but I do want to share something special very quickly. We've been teaching for three weeks a young woman named (V). She's 23. We couldn't figure out what her thing was! Normally when we teach people, they have a "need." Like, they need to hear about why are there so many religions, or what happens after death, or how can they find peace. Normally we can find out by what they tell us pretty fast. But with her, we couldn't. This week we finally did. We taught her and it became apparent that she felt nobody loved her, and she would never have the things one needs in life to be happy (family). We told her she should go and pray and ask if god loved her, if he was her father, and to make her understand the way he felt about her. She came to church this week, whereas before she wouldn't come. She knows about the truth of these things now, I guess you could say. I'm sure that somebody who's reading this has at some point felt the way that she has. I want to testify that when you think those things, you are thinking lies. Lies that Satan puts in your head to try to destroy you. I know that God is your Heveanly Father and that he is only a prayer away. Put your trust in him, do his will, and all will be well.

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