Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14 in Aeropeurto, Veracruz

Well, it was an awesome week down here in Veracruz. Seriously though, it was rather eventful. First, on Tuesday they cut our power. We left in the morning to go to a zone class, and then when we got back there was no power. Upstairs (yes, in this house we have 2 floors) it gets SUPER hot without the AC on (yes we also have AC in this house, in our bedroom) so we moved the beds downstairs and slept with the doors and windows open. And it was still super hot. There's literally nothing you can do to stop sweating. I remember when we found out we weren't going to be sleeping with AC. I just started laughing. That would happen to us. It was okay. Even though we were miserable, we didn't get attacked in the night by anyone, and we were blessed to be able to get enough sleep. Anyways on Thursday morning (3 nights in these conditions) some dudes from the government came and turned on the lights, after we called them and told we had already paid the bill. So we were saved. 

Other than that, K. got baptized this week! Her grandma and mom are excited to get sealed when they can. 

In other news, we've had loads of cool stuff happen this week. We've worked super hard for everyone. There's this one couple, they're named C. and F. Their kids have been members for like, 3 years. But they can't get baptized because she isn't divorced from her first husband, and divorce here in Mexico is freaking infuriating. It's incredibly hard to get a divorce because of the process; 99% of the time one of the two in the marriage says "pay me "X" amount of money and I'll sign the papers for divorce." It's illegal, but because of the way things work, it's almost impossible to stop it. So divorce is super hard. But with some help from some local members, we've got a really good lawyer who's going to make her divorce happen super fast so that they can get married and get baptized. When I shared this news with C. and F., it was amazing to see the gratitude in their eyes. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to help  these families. I know that one day they can be an eternal family and there's nothing more important than that! I'm so glad that my Father in Heaven has permitted me to help people and to unite families, it's the best thing that I could be doing! I know that even though it may seem impossible, especially here in Mexico, for the family to survive, it's possible. And that's the work of God. 

Love you guys and talk to you next week!
Elder Thompson

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