Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 12 in ISLA

Well, sorry that I'm writing so late! It's there were changes! And I'm no longer in Aeroceurto:( I'm very sad. I feel like that's my own home ward now, and when I left it really did feel like I was leaving home again. I miss everyone a ton. I grew to love those people so much. I will DEFINITELY be going back to visit there. Anyways, let's leave what's past in the past. I was moved to a place called Isla today. Isla is a large town in the middle of nowhere (from Aeroceurto in Veracruz city to wilderness). I believe it's the area farthest away from everything else in the mission. I think. (South and west.) They grow pineapple here. It's EVERYWHERE. Fresh pineapple. I would imagine it's one of the biggest places in Mexico for this. Anyways it's kinda close to Carlos A. Carrillo, one of my old areas, and when we were headed to Tuxtapec to get there by bus, the bus stopped at a station and said that there's a gang on the road to Tuxtapec that's stopping buses and robbing the luggage, so we didn't go through Tuxtapec. Instead we went to Cosamaloapan, which is super close to Carlos A. Carrillo! Made me nostagic. But that's okay. So we got here around 6. Which was fun. 

I really don't have more time right now but I'll tell you more next week! 

I posted final pictures from Veracruz (city) with Elder Stanfield.

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