Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 11 in Isla, New Investigators:)

I don't have much time sooo... I'll be quick. 

After about 6 weeks of working endlessly and not finding ANYTHING we finally found some people who want to progress!!!! I was on divisions (when we work with members instead of our normal companions in order to get more work done) with a kid from the ward. He's 18, and has been a member since he was 8. He's also been less active since he was 8. This week we found him, and now he wants learn and prepare to go on a mission someday!! That's awesome. 

Anyways, we had just been rejected 3 times in a row in more ugly and rude ways than I ever had been on my mission (we won't get into the details). And then, we had nothing to do. So I just said, "Let's contact this house," and a middle-aged woman came out. I don't know what it was, but there was something in her eyes. I could just SEE that she absolutely needed our message. And I knew that she needed it for 2 reasons: to resolve family problems, and because somebody in her family had died. So I just started testifying about how I knew that by the gospel we can heal broken family bonds and see our deceased loved ones again. 

She let us in, and we talked to her and her husband. We found out that they have 27 years together, but they don't have any kids because of her health. Twice they have had babies who were able to be born, but they both died shortly after birth. On top of it all, after they found out they they were probably never going to be able to have kids, nor adopt, her husband was unfaithful several times. 

We had one of the most spiritually powerful lessons that I've ever had in my mission with them. He just wants forgiveness, and to reconcile himself with God, and with her, and she just wants to find the true church. They have both agreed to get baptized on the 13th of February (one day before Valentine's day, not a coincidence that we did that:)) 

We've found several other people this week too. And we're super excited to keep working hard and help these wayward souls get back to their maker! 

That's all i have time for. I'll write more next week. 

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