Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2 in Carlos A. Carillo

Wow so A LOT has happened this week. First off, the week in La Laguna: We started off with NOTHING. We were completely dry when we started the week, no investigators, no nothing. So, we went to contact. The first half of the week we just talked with people. Then, in the second half, we began returning to the houses we had contacted previously and we started having LOADS of success! Then we baptized Karen and her family that same day!!!

I’m super excited for what’s going to happen there. I say "there" and not "here" because I’m no longer there. Transfers came this week, but they’re a little weird. Instead of happening on Tuesday, they happened today! And so we found out on Saturday that Elder C. was going to train again, and I’m leaving the area (after only one transfer, which is rare) to go to an area that’s called Carlos a Carrillo in the zone Tuxtapec! I’m super excited. My new companion is Elder G., again from Mexico (all of my comps have been from Mexico). We’re gonna work hard.

Spiritual thought: One way I know that this church is true because it’s a missionary church. If the church is really the church of Christ, then it’s going to have missionaries especially dedicated to preaching the gospel, because it’s the only way, and Heavenly Father wants to bring as much souls to Him as possible. This church fits the definition of that shown in the Bible perfectly. We go in 2 by 2, and we preach the word of God, so that they can have peace, like we do.

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