Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23 in Carlos A. Carillo

Wow what a week. This week was super great. We went out to work and miracles started pouring in. We found 11 people to teach this week. 4 of them came to church. These past two weeks are my best numbers for my time in the mission. What I’ve been learning is that I say “we”, but it was really just God. We went out to work, didn’t slack off or anything, and now miracles are pouring in. When it’s hard and it looks like we don’t have anything, something always happens and all of a sudden success comes.

Remember the guy who couldn’t stop smoking? He’s getting baptized this Friday. That’s super exciting. He’s really excited to be baptized and I’m super excited to see him take these steps because I don’t know.... I feel sent here to help him. 

We found a couple this week who are absolutely amazing. They don’t know how to read, and I’ve never seen anyone so poor. They’re friends of a member, and they heard him talking about how the church changed his life around in less than 5 months (he’s a recent convert). Our investigator felt the spirit super strong and now he wants to get baptized, but first he’s gotta get divorced and then married, and that’ll be really hard because well... to give you an idea of how poor they are... I won’t even talk about their house. I’ll just say this. Yesterday they had NO MONEY. No joke. Literally nothing. Like, zero pesos. And no food or water. He works, but it’s a tough job and they’re in a really hard situation. I don’t know how, but I know that the Lord will provide so that they can be baptized. Thankfully they were able to receive food and supplies from the church yesterday. 

In other news: I’m a little sick with diarrhea and feel like crap again. Oh well. It happens. 

Spiritual thought: Do what’s right and have faith and work hard and when you have success, give the glory to God, and it’ll keep coming.

Love you guys, have a great week!!!! 

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