Monday, July 13, 2015

Jully 13 in Aeropuerto

Sorry I don't have a ton of time!

Well this week was great! Elder Chamberlain and I wanted to work a little harder, and so we put the goal to contact 100 people this week! In this mission that goal is INSANE high. and guess what!? we made it. At 8:45 Saturday night we made our 100th contact. We have seen the blessing of grace in the work through our diligence so much this week, more than ever before! Beatrice (not her real name) got baptized (pictures coming asap). Her son is getting baptized this week. The husband of Beatrice FINALLY came to church and felt the spirit really strong in her baptism! S. and M., another young couple that we're working with, got married! And a man named (A.), who we had stoped teaching about 2 weeks ago because he said he wouldn't stop working on Sundays, came up to us and said he quit his job so that he could keep the day of rest and be with his family and in his new one he won't work on Sundays! He's super excited as well!!! 

These are the blessings of grace that come from true diligence in the work, and it applies to everything in life. When God has seen that we have done all that we can do, he blesses us. With forgivness, success, or whatever he sees fit. The only condition is doing what we can. We know when we've done it all, and when there's still more left. I urge all of you that want to change something in your life, be it school or work or forgivness or personal change, to put God's things first, and do all that you can. If you're feeling lazy then get up and do that last bit. If you're afraid to do it, don't worry, God protects those who do what's right, he fights their battles, and whatever problem you face, you face because he wants you to grow. 

I love you guys I hope you all have a great week and talk to you next week!!!

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