Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 in Aeropeurto, Veracruz City

Well, this was another awesome week. We had another baptism this week, of the son of B.! His name is M. and he is super awesome. He's already read, like half of the Book of Mormon and he's only 13. He's super chill.

This week we will be having another baptism, of a woman named M. M and her husband, S, have been taught by us for quite some time, but we never felt like they were ready for baptism. Recently, the only problem is that S. has trouble obeying the commandment to keep the Sabbath Day holy. He doesn't work always on Sundays. It's usually every other week. But...for Christ, that's not good enough. Not working on the Sabbath is a serious problem in Mexico. The culture in Mexico is work and work and work. Tons of hours, with very little pay. It's horrible. They're slaves to it. God would love to liberate them, and effectively He has; He has extended his hand to all of us that are slaves of work to keep His commandment of the Sabbath Day, and He will bless us with everything we need. But being saved is a two person process. There must be one who is above, and he must extend his hand. But also the one who is beneath must reach. When Peter started to sink after walking on water, I don't think he just called out and said, "Lord, Save Me!" and then left his hands down by his sides. He reached out, he strained, and that allowed the Savior to grasp him and pull him out of the water. We are all like Peter at some point or another, and we can only be saved if we reach out and take His hand, through keeping the commandments.

S.realized this last night in a lesson we had with them. 

I'm super grateful to be out here and to be able to help these people. I know that the only way to walk through the storm that is this life and not sink is to keep our gaze firmly on the Savior, keeping His commandments, and when we fail, because we will, we must implore His saving grace and reach out our hands through repentance, so that He may reach down and save us with the power of His infinite atonement.

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