Friday, December 11, 2015

December 1 in Isla

Me and Elder Segovia!

Wow what a week!!!!! This week's been crazy! My first week training, and it's been really tough! I didn't realize how much I depended on my companion until I got a brand new one who doesn't know anything "mission" yet! I also realized the responsability that I hold, being a trainer. I literally influence, to a certain degree, the future of my companion as a missionary. He teaches the way I do. I'm his example, which means I've gotta be super good. I'm trying but I know that I'm far from perfect and I'm going to mess up. I just hope that God's grace is enough for Elder Segovia to learn what he needs to from me, but not follow my example in what I could do better. 

There was also another eye opener for me this week while I was studying to give the district class. I realized that we need to work on the commitment process! When people decide to read the scriptures or pray, or go to church, and strive to prepare themselves for baptism, they fulfill the promise set by the Savior in John 7:17. If we do the will of the Father we will know if it is His doctrine or if it's just something of men. How can we know if these things are true if we haven't done them? We cant! It runs in line with what it says in Ether 12:6. We recieve no witness until after the trial of our faith. Otherwise, we wouldn't need faith, and this life wouldn't be a test! And we couldn't grow at all!!! So what's the solution? 

Jesus explains the doctrine through the prophets, old and new, and we then have the choice to act, to serve one of two masters. We cannot choose to serve neither. We must be bound to someone, be it the father of lies or the Father of our spirits. So we live the doctrine, and if it's of God, then as we live it we'll know!!! And if we, as missionaries, do not invite others to come unto Christ through making sacred baptismal covenants or even through basic repepntance like coming to church and reading the scriptures, then how in the world can we help people? That's not fulfilling our purpose! Our purpose is to invite. 

I hope that as I and all of us strive to better invite others to come unto Christ, that we can be lights unto the world, even as Jesus said. That light that is shared is not literal physical light, rather, it is spiritual. Our happiness and peace as a result of living the teachings of the Savior of mankind radiate outwards to others and they notice it, even if we don't notice that they do! 

Miss you all, talk to you next week!

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