Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 24 in Isla

Well it's been crazy this week! I'm writing today on Tuesday because yesterday we didn't get to Isla till 8 and so I got permission to do normal P-day stuff today before lunch. Why was I not in Isla, you say? Because I recieved a new assignment, the one I've always wanted :) I'M A TRAINER!!! Hahahaha I'm super excited. Trainers are the missionaries that "train" the brand new ones. Training is a period of 12 weeks right after the new missionary arrives in the field from the MTC. Trainers are kinda important because they, in a certain sense, define the mission of the missionaries that they train. So it's equally the most important, and hardest, calling that there is out here. I'm a little bit nervous but that's okay. Haha haven't slept much in days because Elder Ortiz, my last comp, left early on Saturday, so I was in a trio with the other elders, and then after that I had to go all the way to Tuxtapec on Sunday (President Cordova sent me by myself, which felt really weird.) Then I got up super early Monday to go to the port (Veracruz City) to pick up my new comp! His name is Elder Segovia. He's from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. I'll have to send pics next week. Anyways I'm super stoked, and super motivated to work hard and do a good job, because by the time he's done with his training, I'll have 20 months!!!! i just wish there was more time out here!!!! It would be great if the mission was like, 2 and a half years or something. 

I really really do know that this is the work of God. There's nothing better than making people happy. I love this work, I love these people, and I really don't want my time here to end. 

Miss you all, talk to you next week!

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