Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2 in Isla

This week was really cool. There were 2 investigators that we had the opportunity of baptizing last week! They're P, and M. M is the daughter of P. C, P's other daughter, is going to get baptized this week! 

It was really cool to watch them progress towards baptism. At first they were just kinda listening for fun, but after a week we decided to leave them the challenge to read one chapter of the Book of Mormon a day, starting from the beginning. Needless to say, they weren't perfect, but they've done pretty good, and it's gotten to the point where they love to read it so much that they try to read as much as they can every day! M is already almost done with 1 Nephi, which is the first book in the Book of Mormon! Actually they're all almost done with it. 

Once they started reading, P herself said "I think I'm ready for baptism. I'd like to get baptized. Do you guys think I'm ready?" Well, whenever someone has the desire, that practically makes them ready by themselves! We didn't have to do anything more. It's really cool to see how God works through the Book of Mormon to change lives. It's a true book and when we read it the Holy Ghost testifies of its truth to us. We come to "delight in its words" and that is followed by a change of heart. 

I got to give the baptismal interview for an investigator from the other missionaries here in my district. That was really cool too because I got to learn her story. Her name is C (not same person as the first C in this report) and she can't read. (So she can't read the Book of Mormon by herself.) She is married and has one son who's 13. He and his dad got baptized a few months ago, but she never wanted anything to do with the missionaries. Then she started to see the change in her son. He stopped walking around in the street (a bad idea here in Mexico for personal safety and if you want to be a good person). He came to have a new light in his eyes. She received the answer to her prayers to know if this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and she was also super excited to be baptized!

I'm super glad and grateful to be serving the Lord here in this mission, and there's no place I'd rather be. I love these people so much, I really do, and my purpose is to help them be happier. What more could I ask? 

- Elder Thompson

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