Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9

Wow what a week! We worked really hard this week, and finally broke through and made it to 40 lessons this week (we need to be having closer to 45), so that's progress! Also we had the awesome opportunity to find 12 new people to teach this week! C. got baptized, so that family is now united as church members (the ones that are willing to listen at least.) I also got a much needed haircut. 

What I really want to talk about is an experience I had with one of the families that we found this week, and the whole situation just testifies to me of the truth of the work that we are doing.

One night last week we were doing divisions (when 2 missionaries separate and go with 2 members in order to get more work done). I went with one of the young men. On our way to an appointment, I felt like we should contact a particular random house. As I started to shout "Buenas Noches" (in Mexico you kinda shout / knock to get the people to come out), the young man tells me "No, not this house, I know how the man is, we don't want to deal with him," but it was too late. A woman came outside. I presented us and told her that we were sharing a message about families and asked if we could come in. The woman let us in and called her kids and made them all sit down. I got to meet her several children. The mother, just so you know, appeared to be about 30ish. (In Mexico it's normal for girls to have a child at 15, 16 or earlier, so that wouldn't be unusual). 

We start talking and then I see an old man who appears to be about 60 or 65  walk out of one room and into the next. I ask "Who's he?" and the mother chokingly says, "That's my husband". "OK," I'm thinking, "this isn't so normal anymore." Normal here is that he's 10 years older than she is, not twice her age. Before this point I could tell that something was bothering her. I knew that was why she had let us in. A few minutes later I felt prompted to be very direct. I told her I knew she was searching for something. She looked startled and surprised. I bore my testimony to her, especially that she was a daughter of God and that He loved her. She just broke down and cried, and the Spirit was super strong. It was a moment of pure reverence. 

She told me that she wasn't baptized in any church, but she did believe in God. We invited her and her kids to come to church the next day and they accepted. I was still puzzled by the whole situation. When we got to church, I learned that one of the sisters there knew this woman. After she left, that sister told me that this woman's much older husband bought her when she was a little girl. Then when she got older, he came and took her and made her be his wife.

Well that put everything in perspective.
I don't know what's going to happen to this family, but I know that this mother is a precious daughter of God, to whom He has entrusted precious children, and that He has specific missions and purposes in this life for every one of them. I feel honored to help them know that. I really do know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can help them find happiness, in the hope of blessings not always received in this life, but promised in the next. I appreciate all prayers to help them. 

-Elder Thompson

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