Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November 16 in Isla

Well, I don't have a lot of time so I'll  have to be brief. I think the highlight of my week was definitely going to San Andreas Tuxtlas this weekend for the distict conference. I got to see a lot of members from Baxcaxbaltepec, my first area! That was awesome. I found out that the family that I baptized there, my first converts here in the mission, are still active!!! That made me super happy, as I had not had the chance to see them for some time. 

Other than that, it rained again all week, and one of the elders in my district, Elder Dawson, got really sick and had to go to the port (Veracruz) to get some tests done. He's fine now, back and working and good as new. But we're alll getting sick a lot here. I'm kinda sick of getting sick. I'd rather just be healthy all the time. But whatever. Other than that, life is wonderful. 

My comp is really cool. But he finishes right now in November. Then he'll go back to Ecuador. Before the mission, he was on the Ecuadorian Taekwondo national team. You could say he likes to kick things. 

I'm a workahollic these days. It's actually fun when you work your guts out. That's all I have time for this week, Sorry! I'll write more next week.
This is the baptism of Claudia, Melina, and Patricia is the mom, Claudia the taller one, Melina the shorter. 

Elder Thompson

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