Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1 in Isla

Hello all, so I really need to get better at this. Recently there's just been no time... so it's going to be abother short email. 

Yesterday was Elder Segovia's birthday. Today I went to another pueblo an hour away in order to buy him a cake. Hahaha it was worth it. I smashed my comp's face into his cake for his birthday. That's a tradition here.

So recently our mission has put some goals that are really really tough to complete. I won't go into the details, but these goals, at first glance, are insane. Really hard to complete. Almost nobody has gotten them done. But this week.... we did it!!!!! The really tough part of the challenge is that we have to find 20 new people to teach every week. That's really hard. But we got it done. The lesson I leared was about how faith has power, and faith is made manifest not exactly in what we do, but the attitude with which we do it. 

That's the message. Attitude is the difference maker in the lives of everyone. 

The older guy I wrote about last week is getting baptized this week! (Yes I will finally be sending pictures). I. and J. are super excited to get married, and everything is going well. Talk to you all next week! 

Elder Thompson.

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