Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 8 in Tierra Blanca

WOW what a week it's been! Not 30 minutes after I finished writing last Monday I got the call that I was getting transferred! I'm now in zone Tierra Blanca (white earth). This will be my last area as a missionary, unless something really weird happens. Here I will finish my mission. Tierra Blanca is a small city (but still much bigger than Isla) where the church is really strong. I will now be in a ward, not a branch. My area is named Independencia. It's going to be fun. The bishop is really cool and all of the members are great! Tierra Blanca is the hottest zone in the mission. Summer temperatures often are a little over 120 degrees, and they call this place "la novia del sol" (the girlfriend of the sun). I will be here when it's hot, from April to June. 

I talked with Elder Segovia, and A. got baptized yesterday. Also I. and J. are close to being ready to get baptized as well. So my work is done in Isla anyways. My new companion is Elder Ramirez. He arrived here with Elder Segovia, and I will be finishing his training. Elder Call, one of the missionaries that arrived with me, will be finishing the training of Elder Segovia in Isla. 

I've learned a TON being here in the mission and I have grown a bunch. The most important change that I have experienced is becoming more like Christ. By study of the scriptures, we learn that this is the true purpose of life, and that is how we can be happy. Like Alma told his wayward son in one of my favorite scriptures of the Book of Mormon, "wickedness (or anything bad) never was happiness". The secret to living a happy life is living a life patterened after the example of Jesus Christ. He Himself said, "I am the way" and "I am the life and the light of the world". How true that is. I've learned it for myself. 

Every area that I've been in has brought with it its own trials and its own lessons. I don't know which ones will come here. I know that they will be the last ones of my mission and probably the hardest, but you can't purify metal without a LOT of heat, and we can't learn without trials. So... I'm excited. :) 

I will keep you all updated, but this is all for now. Talk to everyone next week, bye!!!

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