Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14 in Tierra Blanca

Funny Mexican kid story: 

So on Saturday after helping a family move, the dad decided to buy ice cream for us. Me and his 4-year-old kid got cones. When I finished my ice cream I started eating the cone and the little kid looks at me and gasps, his jaw dropping almost to the ground. After scooping it back up, he shouts at me: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!? You eat that!?!?!? No!!!! You don't eat that! That's poisonous!" 

After almost falling off my stool from laughing I explained to him that you DO in fact eat the cone (even in Mexico). We finished our conversation with him contentedly munching on his ice cream cone. Hahaha gotta love Veracruz. 

So this week has been a crazy trial of faith. We worked and worked and worked (see socks) and it just seemed like nothing was happening. But, the most amazing thing was at the end of the week. 3 of the investigators that we had worked like crazy to help progress came to church. It was the biggest feeling of relief ever. Sometimes we don't realize the impact we're having til it's had! 

That's all for now, i'll send more next week!

This is Tierra Blanca, from my roof. There was one morning where the sunrise was wayyyyyyy better than this one, like the coolest sunrise I have ever seen, but I didn't take a picture. :/ Notice the gigantic mountain in the background between the two hills in the picture that doesn't have the church. I didn't even see it until I was looking at the picture, cause I thought it was a cloud. It looks way bigger in real life.

​P-Day last week: Can you tell what this is?

​This is from Christmas:

​Sometimes when you walk for too long, your socks stop working. The picture was about 3 weeks ago. The sock has now basically disintegrated around my toes. But that's okay. It still covers my heel. I've only got a little over 3 months left anyways. (Note from family: new socks were sent at Christmas but maybe didn't arrive, or maybe worn out already? We have again sent more:)

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