Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 21 in Tierra Blanca

So this was another really cool week! 

First off, a funny story. My comp is a convert of 4 years. He joined with his parents when he was 18. Maybe he was like a janitor or something at some point before the mission. He knows all about cleaning. So in our house we have lots of weird cleaning supplies that he buys (the good news is that the house is always super clean). Anyways, on Thursday I noticed that there was mold growing in the bathroom sink. Weird. We keep it clean. I decided to destroy the mold. Who knows, we're in Mexico, maybe it's dangerous. So I plugged the sink and started looking through the cleaning supplies until I found one that looked pretty tough, and started pouring it around the sink, trying to kill the mold. After noticing that it only half did the trick, I added cloro. I don't know what it is in English, but it is all-powerful. Destroyer of stains, blemishes, and persons. It did its job well, killing all the mold. But then all of a sudden the cloro and the other chemicals started fizzing and I was like "uhoh..." I stood there like a dummy for about 30 seconds until it started producing a gas that made my eyes burn and made me choke. I had to shut the bathroom up, and then my companion starts telling me janitor horror stories aboutt how specifically those TWO substances are poison when mixed, and create poison gas, and how his mom knew someone that died, etc. I'm pretty horrified now, and the bathroom door is shut, locking away the poison gas. The whole time me and my comp are making "we're gonna die jokes" in Spanish and then... the gas dissipates. The next morning the house smelled like a swimming pool, and I was forbidden from cleaning the bathroom. :):):)

In Mexico they charge you to use the public bathrooms. 

So this week has been great! We worked super hard and found some pretty cool families, and I had the oportunity to help a lot of people this week and give service. We also got air conditioning in the apartment:D

Some of our efforts in Isla may have felt futile while I was there. But they weren't: the results were these: 8 people baptized. Every time one of those we found or started teaching before he got there gets baptized, Elder Call calls or texts me and tells me "THEY'RE BAPTIZED!!!" Hahaha so it's all good. I am satisfied with our work there. And I am grateful for what I learned there! 

That's all for this week. Talk to you all next week!
Elder Thompson

Mexican sandwich on P-Day:

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