Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12 in La Laguna, Veracruz City

So today I don’t have much time so it’ll be really short. This week was great. We found a family of 4 that’s living here. They’re from the states, but of Mexican heritage. They’re just living here so their kids learn Spanish, then they’re going home to the US. The parents of the mom are members of the church, and she says that her parents have been praying for her to accept the gospel for a long time, but she’s just never been that interested until we showed up at her door. I know we were sent from God to teach her this. They accepted the gospel and have baptismal dates for 1 of February. They also came to church, and it’s just so great to see progress that’s already happening in one week!!!

A few nights ago somebody was shot and killed outside the house of the sister missionaries while they were studying. That reminded me that I’m in Mexico.

In Spanish I can read great, and my pronunciation is really good, but I have terrible grammar. To fix this, I started writing stories in Spanish and have my companion check them for errors. His final comment was, "Well, it’s better than little kids in kindergarten." Hahahaha. But yeah, it’s fun and a cool, creative way to stretch my brain (improve my Spanish), because I’m always learning and stringing new words together. 

Spiritual thought: Don’t forget to pray.

Anyways, love yall, have a great week!

P.S. So last week I hit the famous six month mark. I’m one fourth done with the mission already....

It rains more here in the summer, but it still rains right now too. There is fast food, but it’s in downtown Veracruz. I’m in more of the suburbs (if it can be called that) and there’s NOTHING like that here. But there IS Subway.

They have universities here. Almost all of the Mexican elders are determined to go to college. Most of them were converts at a young age, where one of their parents joined the church and then they did too. I have yet to have a comp who grew up in the church since birth.

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