Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5 in La Laguna, Veracruz

Wow. So lots of stuff happened this week. First: I had the best New Year’s morning in the world. Lemme explain. 

When I got out of the shower in the morning I went to shave, yayaya morning stuff. I dropped the cap to a thing of acne cream down the drain by accident. I looked down, and it’s sitting there in the bottom, a good six inches down, and wayyyy too narrow for my hand. Suddenly visions of all those movies where people drop things down the drain, and then water and fire and everything bad that could happen happens, rush to my mind. I calm myself and think of what I can do to fix the problem. I look under the sink and find the drain tube. I reach down and pull off the tube. I get my cap and breathe a sigh of relief. Thank goodness it all went well. I relax as I carelessly reach down to reattach the drain tube. As I remove my hand I feel my forearm smash into one of the pipes that brings water. And I feel it snap in half. I’m like "oh freakkkkkkkk........" and super pressurized water just starts blasting the far wall... in minutes the floor is covered, I’m yelling for my comp, and we take turns putting a finger over the pipe so we don’t drown while the other one is searching the house for the key to shut off the water. We found like, five of them, but they were all too hard to turn. We weaklings couldn’t manage it. We then realized that there was actually a key handle shut off right below our fingers below the faucet. Elder C goes to turn it and.... snaps it off. At this point I can’t even control myself and just break down laughing. Our house is flooded, there’s water incessantly rushing out of this little tube, and we’ve been here for hours trying to fix it... this WOULD happen to us on New Year’s morning. Eventually the bishop shows up and makes us feel really dumb because he brings pliers and fixes the key and then shuts off the water and then all’s well. Why don’t we have pliers? The next chance I get I’m going to buy some and never part from them.....

Anyways this week was cool. The past 2 weeks we have found 23 people to teach. The problem? None of them come to church. Going to church is something VERY important for a billion reasons. The sacrament is how we become pure again after we’ve been baptized, so that’s super important, and going to church is a commandment, so that’s super important, and it’s like school for how to enter into heaven, so that’s super important. Really we cannot progress spiritually if we don’t go to church... so that’s the problem right now. We have to find out how to get people to come to church.

Cool thought of the week: Moses 1:39 says that the work and the glory of God is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. So first off, what’s immortality? It’s living forever. All of us will have the opportunity to live forever, not as spirits, but in our bodies. That’s what the scriptures talk about with regards to the resurrection after the second coming of Christ. Eternal life is more. Eternal life is living forever in the presence of God and inheriting literally ALL that he has, and it is the only way to be truly happy after this life. To bring to pass these things is His grand design, work, and glory. So we can reasonably think that’s why were here, to gain this. We can also think that this is  why we have commandments from God, because through obedience to these principles we can gain LIfe Eternal. If you believe in the Bible then you must believe this, because this is taught in the Bible. Then you must believe that in order to be happy you have to live according to His commandments. And if not, you cannot receive this eternal happiness. That’s just the thought from me this week.

Love yall, talk to you next week.

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