Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13 in Carlos A. Carillo

Sorry that I haven’t sent out very many emails or anything like that. Today we’re going to play Risk at 2 and we just finished playing Monopoly. (I won because elder Hourigan forfeited. :)) Anyways so I’m kinda throwing yall under the bus for a board game. Hahaha naw, just kidding, it’s just that as missionaries, we don’t have a ton of time to relax, and sometimes we all just need to.

This week I had one experience that I’d like to share. We met a woman named M. Anyways M. is about 50 and there’s something very special about her: she’s blind. She lives in a tiny little house that’s barely more than a chicken coup with two distant family members. She was a referral from a member who doesn’t go to church so often, and well, we’ve gotten to know her pretty well. She was a very independent woman in her 20’s. She didn’t want kids or a family or anything. Then, she changed in her early 30’s. She got pregnant. (I doubt she was married, people here rarely are.) And then, her child was stillborn. Over the pregnancy, her eyesight gradually got worse and worse. Right after she gave birth, she lost her vision completely. And then she was left with nothing, and came to be where she is today.

We taught her how to pray, starting with teaching about Heavenly Father, and she prays all the time now. She says she likes to pray partly because when she prays, she remembers the color of the skies. The other thing she likes is how she feels when she prays. She says that from the first time we had a prayer with her, she just feels so beautiful. M. wants to come to church. 

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