Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20 in Carlos A. Carillo

So this week I don’t have much time either. Sorry. This is the last week before transfers and last P-day with Elder H. He’ll get transferred this next Monday. So we wanna have lots of fun. Anyways this week’s been great. 

We're focusing on enduring to the end. That means keeping the commandments and going to the temple. Going to the temple is very important. A temple is a sign of the true church of god. In the Bible they all had temples. But many people misunderstand what a temple is. They think it’s just a chapel. That’s not the case. It’s a more sacred building, a literal house of God.

The temple is the only place where families can be "sealed for time and all eternity." Just as we have local laws, God also has laws. Just like you must be married to have all the rights and privileges that come with a family here on earth, so you must be married to have all the rights and privileges in heaven. But then it gets a little different. Heaven’s laws are higher than earthly laws. And they must be obeyed or you cannot receive the blessings. Here, maybe you can start a family without getting married. Not recommended, and often leads to poverty. In heaven you CANNOT have a family without the law. You must be bound by heaven’s law, and then you may receive those blessings after this life.

That’s why in Peter (New Testament), it talks about doing baptisms for the dead, because it is necessary to be baptized and then sealed in order to have this family for forever. The people who didn’t have the opportunity in this life to take on the covenants with God, can do it in the next, through their relatives. That’s what the spirit of Elijah means in the last chapter of the Old Testament, that all people who ever lived will have the opportunity to have these blessings and be an eternal family. 

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