Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27 in Carlos A. Carillo

First off, sorry I don’t have a lot of time again. Seems to be a trend. Haha yeah but anyways literally nothing new happened this week. I feel kind of at a loss for words. Some weeks are just like this though. Anyways changes were today but as expected, Elder J. and I are still together.

So this may be my last 6 weeks here in Carrillo and then I could be going to a new place again! I wanna make this last six weeks as good as it can be, and so me and my companion are going to start skipping language study in order to work an hour more in the morning (we’re both basically fluent anyways), and we’re going to make a really hard change for two gringos: we’re going to speak pure Spanish in the street. Along with some other changes, and we should have a great week! Anyways, that’s all this week, I’ll send more next week!

About Carlos A. Carillo: They have shops here all over the place that sell fruit water. They basically take water and fruit, put it in a blender, and then it’s done. It’s the most amazing thing ever. There are very few wild parrots here. There is a grove of large palms nearby where some live, but we almost never see them. I’ve seen them once in three months. Lots of people own pet parrots, and I’m talking the BIG green ones, and they’re like, almost as big as a small cat. Bigger than rats. They almost all cuss at everything in Spanish. 

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