Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10 in Veracruz

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These are from about a month ago, celebrating the one year mark. Pizza, you can get in Veracruz, but not in Tuxtlas.

Ok sorry guys that I didn't send a group last week, I was a little busy and out of time. But this was a really great week! 

Something really cool that's happening right now is that literally 50% of the people we are teaching speak English just as good as or better than Spanish. So me and Elder Chamberlain teach a bit in English now. It's actually really hard. But it's also fun. Two of the people that we are teaching right now are named G. and N. They're siblings, and lived in Salt Lake City for 11 years. They were born in the states, but their mom and their older sister are from Veracruz. Their mom and sister are both actually members, they got baptized in Utah, but G. and N. were too young when they were there. They came here to Mexico a little over 2 years ago, and they all speak fluent English. G. and N. speak it better than Spanish. They talked to us because we're two white people in Mexico, and they recognized us as missionaries. Turns out they didn't know where the church was here. They want to be members of some church, but they are confused because there are so many and they want to know which is the one that God wants for them. We taught them about the restoration of the Gospel and of the church of Christ and then obtained Books of Mormon in English, which we gave to them. We invited them to read and pray to ask if the book is true, and they have! They recieved answers through the Holy Ghost, and now want to get baptized. We will probably be baptizing them this weekend! 

It's awesome to see the way that God prepares his children to recieve his word. Also how he puts them in our path. Like it says in the scriptures, God can do his own work, He doesn't need us to help Him, but rather, He allows it because He knows that it can make us happy. But that doesn't mean that He entrusts whoever to whatever person to teach. He trusts His faithful followers to work hard, to be prepared, to teach with love and with the power of conversion, so that His children can recognize the truthfulness of what He teaches. I know this is the restored Church of Jesus Christ. He guides and directs us today. We have His power and His authority, of which the Book of Mormon and our modern-day prophets stand as solemn witnesses. I hope all of you one day have the opportunity to learn these things as well. 

-Elder Thompson  

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