Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3 in Aeropuerto, Veracruz City

FROM ELDER CHAMBERLAIN, Cordell's Companion (Cordell wrote individual emails this week but not a group email): 

Elder Chamberlain:
This week has been great! We have worked a ton and feel good about it. Elder Thompson mentioned that we might have worked too hard. I don´t think so, but anyways, haha. 

This Tuesday we found out that we needed to help in an activity that the youth were doing and that we needed to be at the stake center at 8:20 in the morning on Friday. We figured it wouldn´t be very long, so we put appointments for that morning during the week. 

On Wednesday we had to go have a district class and then we had to work in an area that is kind of far from where we are. We also had the interview of the Hermano that got baptized on Saturday. Sergio. He is awesome. In a year we hope that his wife and him will be able to get sealed!

Thursday we had our planeamiento semenal and that was in the morning. We left late to work because the people that were supposed to bring us food brought it late, so we ate late but we were able to work. It was good.

So Friday was the amazing day!! We had the activity with the youth in the morning and we found out Thursday night that the activity would last until about 12:30 so we had to cancel our appointments for the morning, and then we went to the activity. It turns out we took part in the youth conference that they had. A group of them went out with us, to an area near the stake center and we contacted. We shared short messages and we tried to give service. When we were heading back, we got a call that said that we would be staying there until 1...... so we kept working and we heard that the youth were pretty amazed at how hard the work is. It was super easy work too. We did get back to our area and we were go go go go go go go go. We ended up having seven lessons with our investigators and they were good lessons. We know that God helped us see the people we needed to see and to help those people. 

We did have the opportunity with one person this week that some elders gave us the reference and Elder Thompson and I decided to pray about it. We felt that we shouldn´t baptize her this week and that it was a test to see if our pride would get in the way of the conversion of the people. We were not concerned about missing our streak baptizing five weeks in a row, and we felt good about holding off a week. We are going to work a lot now because we found a family that lived in Utah for 11 years and the two teenage kids aren´t baptized. The mom and the sister are, but the younger ones aren´t. We wanted to work with them for a couple weeks later, but Sunday in ward council they told us that in their classes they know everything and they should just get baptized. We are going to work a lot with them to be able to see if they can, but we will do what the Lord wants puting our pride aside. 

Saturday we were super tired. We were so exhausted from working so hard on Friday, so we are trying to rest today so we can get better to work. We both mentioned that we had never been so emotionally, or spiritually tired in a long time here. ahah 

Sunday I learned a lot from priesthood meeting to be able to help me understand more about the priesthood and the deberes del sacerdocio. Estoy muy feliz para estar aquí y la hermana con quien comimos nos cocinó lazania with salad and icecream for desert. She made corn on the cob and mashed potatos too. It felt like an American meal! 

That is my week and I was able to learn a lot in my studies this week. I sure love you all and hope you all are well. I will send pictures next week and will let you know how this week goes. 


Elder Chamberlain

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