Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15

So this week was crazy and I don’t have much time so I’m going to be brief. 

First off I’m leaving Baxcaxbaltepec! I’m going to an area that’s called La Laguna in Veracruz (city), Veracruz. It’s VERY different than here. It’s not a branch, it’s a ward, of about 200 people. And the people there are not poor. A LOT different than here. Urban. (It’s on the map.) I’ll go tomorrow! My new companion is Elder S. He’s district leader over there, so that’s cool, I’ll learn about leadership. He’s also pretty young in the mission. I believe he’s got 7 months, and I’ve got 5. My zone leader will be Elder E and another guy. I already know Elder E and he’s really cool. I actually replaced him in Baxcax when I came. 

I’m writing twice today because the highway from Veracruz to San Andreas was closed on Friday, when we were going  to have a conference of the zone. But that’s the only way from Veracruz to Tuxtla so President Cordova couldn’t come. So we're having it today at 12. So I’m writing a little before and a little after. 

Second, this week was TOUGH! But it was really good in the end! We found another really good investigator. He’s the husband of a member here. I hope Elder L does good with him after I’m gone. Also, I feel really good because I worked super hard here. I put everything I had into bringing these people to the knowledge that I have of Christ and of his love for them. And I didn’t feel like I was having much success at times, but right now I feel like the area is about to explode with success, in one or two transfers, and my efforts are part of that. It’s the most rewarding feeling ever. Baxcax has been my crucible. I really have grown a ton here, in every way, and I will never regret what I’ve done here or the people here that I’ve come to love. It was all worth it. And now I’ll go do it again in Laguna. 

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