Sunday, December 7, 2014

September 22, 2014

I saw Izzie’s call!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!! We’re going to be in really similar cultures! That’s great! She’s going to love it. It’s going to be super hard, but sooo rewarding.

Elder P has had a stomach thing. He keeps trying to touch me cause he knows he’s sick. I kept threatening to kill him. And then he told me 8 hours later that he’s not contagious. It’s all in fun.

Okay I don’t have much time so I’m just going to share a brief experience that I had with faith:

Last Saturday it was CRAZY hot. So hot I literally couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak Spanish, understand it, or anything. Sweat was pouring down in rivers all over me, and all I wanted to do was die. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I couldn’t do the work. At lunch I was sitting in the house of a member, and I thought to myself, " I’m supposed to be doing work right now. But I literally can’t." So I said a prayer in my heart. I said, " Heavenly Father, I know right now I am supposed to be working, but I can’t do it. I can’t speak or understand Spanish. And if I can’t do that, I can’t testify. If I can’t do that, I can’t bring the spirit, and I can’t teach, and I am even more useless than usual. So please help me out a little bit. Could you please send some cooling rain, so that I can begin to work for you again?" Before this there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Less than thirty seconds after the prayer a cool, refreshing wind blew through the window. I looked out the window. The sky was dark with thunderclouds. The temperature must have dropped more than 20 degrees. Within 5 minutes it was raining. In 20 it was a HUGE downpour. It stayed like that for a solid hour. And the rest of the day was cool and refreshing. 

Like that story? It’s true. Kinda cool, huh? Faith and need together can do some pretty marvelous things. Because of prayer, there was a torrential downpour and a change of weather. 

My point is this: if you pray with faith, believing that you will receive -- and it is not contrary to His will -- you WILL receive. The rest of the day I worked with vigor, incredibly alert and understanding the language. 

So the next time you need help, remember your Maker. He’s there.

These cookies are amazing. I eat fine. Oatmeal and eggs for breakfast almost every day.

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