Sunday, December 7, 2014

November 24, 2014

First off sorry for no pictures again. I promise to make that the first thing I do next week. 

Okay so everything really picked up here this week! As opposed to last week, when it was all absolutely dead in the work, this week we had a lot of success!!! Me and Elder L have been working a lot with the members here, getting a lot of references, and we’ve been checking out a lot of the older investigators, to see if they might be receptive. From this we’ve found 8 new investigators! 

I’ve never been more tired in my life than here in the mission. You would think not so much as after some long wrestling tournament or football practice, but no. And last night was the worst. I was so tired that when we were walking back to the house I almost didn’t make it. I literally almost fell asleep on my feet. And it was only 3 blocks away... yeah this is sooo tiring. But it’s weird. I’ve also never been more happy in my life. It’s because service makes people happy. And there’s nothing better to do for service than to bring to them the way for them to be happy their whole life and after. It’s really cool, how I’ve learned so much in these 5 months. They’ve been the hardest and the most rewarding and the happiest ever. Really glad I’m here.

Because I don’t have much time, I’ll leave it at that today. Basically, this: this gospel is true, and I hope everyone on the earth has the chance to receive it. This is no joke. It is real life. It’s why we’re here alive. 

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