Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22 in La Laguna

First off sorry that the pics didn’t arrive! That was the only chance I got to send them. The conference last week lasted so long that we didn’t have time to write again. And now I’m here in Veracruz, 3 hours away from San Andreas, so I can’t send them. They were on Elder Luna’s card. 

On to other things. La Laguna is pretty cool. It’s weird to be around a lot of people in the city after living in the backwoods of Mexico. The people here have cars. That’s weird. There are rich people here. That’s REALLY weird. We’ve seen some pretty sick Audis in the streets here. People talk really differently. It’s actually a little hard to understand them because of that. I could pass for Mexican here. A couple people believed me when I told them I was from Chihuahua. But if they have an extended conversion they can tell I come from Gringolandia. 

My companion, Elder Celis, is from Mexico too! So all of my companions up to this point have been Mexicans. . He played football too in prepa (their equivalent of high school) and so that’s cool. We match up pretty well in teaching, because what he lacks I have and what I lack he has. We get along really well.

Other than that.... well... when I got here the area was DEAD and my comp was discouraged. His spirits are lifted now. Even though last week was terrible in terms of numbers, this week we’re gonna do better. This place just bleeds potencial! It’s a ward here, not a branch, and the members seem to be pretty good. There’s usually around 150 in attendance. People give us food like crazy. That’s awesome. And the food is way better here. 

Everything else I’ll just tell my family when I talk to them (Skype for Christmas) and my mom can write it!!! 

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