Sunday, December 7, 2014

October 20, 2014

So the highlights of this week: First, I almost got my first baptism. It wouldn’t have been a convert baptism if it had happened, because her mom is a member. But it didn’t happen....L has NEVER submerged her whole head under water! And the water was FREEZING too (no hot water here). She is terrified of water.

In other stuff, well not a whole lot happened this week. Found a lot of investigators and had to drop a lot too. I do have a lot of pictures. Sending those now.

This is a memela. It’s a food exclusive to Tuxlas, Mexico. It’s basically the definition of deliciousness. It’s a giant soft tortilla with a whole ton of al pastor (the most delicious meat in the world), tomatos, onions, cilantro, beans, and some sort of spicy sauce and lime juice. Oh yeah, speaking of spiciness, the people here are kind of weird with spicy stuff. I can actually eat a lot more spicy stuff than a lot of the natives, but they LIKE it when its so hot that they cry... so wierd... the only thing I’ll never do again is eat a habenero.... Don’t ever do that guys.... It’s not bad at first, but give it 30 seconds. And then you won’t be right for days.

This is a baby boa constrictor.
Most of the tarantulas I see are dead ones.

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