Sunday, December 7, 2014

October 13, 2014

I’m doing great! Not sick anymore, feel awesome!

We found a family of gold, thanks to your fasting. They read scriptures now every night as a family and they say family prayer now! They are growing some very strong testimonies! The changes that I have seen in them are amazing. They are working towards baptism. But as for every one else....this area is still really struggling.

Even though they eat the bad bugs, I don’t want more geckos in the house. Sometimes I find lizard poop in the weirdest places. Not a fan. Every now and then we see iguanas. Not very many of them here, though. Have you heard of Jesus lizards? They’re the ones that can run on water. There are lots of those here. They’re pretty big. Probably 2 to 3 times a week I find a massive cockroach that I have to kill. Not fun.

Some kids are in school, some no. It depends on whether they want to go to school or not. Most of the girls are in school, and about 75% of the boys are. The others work in the field, with the bananas, tobacco, oranges (which are green here) and stuff like that. Normally they don’t have cars here. If they can’t walk some where, they take a taxi. I use taxis every day. They watch TV in their homes and many have cell phones, but no cars and not much literacy.

Nothing but rain here too, but it’s rainy season. It’s finally getting only hot, and not swelteringly hot, here. That’s awesome.

My area is very agricultural. The place where I live is one of the poorest in Mexico, and they grow all sorts of things. The big four are tobacco, corn, bananas, and oranges.

My Spanish is good, yet it’s still not that good. I have good days and bad days. Now the thing that I need is vocabulary. Grammar is starting to come.

I have about four more minutes and I was going to send pictures but my companion messed with the files somehow and is now fixing it. So you won’t get any pictures this week. But I have ones of me holding a boa constrictor (yesterday), a dead tarantula (haven’t seen a live one), another really big and dangerous looking spider that is everywhere here (this one was alive, but don’t worry I wasn’t holding it), and a picture of the food that the Holmans took us out to eat yesterday. (Ask Sister Truman if she knows the Holmans. They lived in Nashville for a little while and I believe they know them. They are the seniro couple that we have in Tuxlas.) I also will send the pictures of me on my birthday eating memelas, a food that ONLY exists in Tuxlas and is very delicious.

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