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November 10, 2014

This was my last week of training, with my "dad", or trainer, Elder P. And it was in a trio! Because Elder G finished his mission a week early, I had the wonderful opportunity to have a “mother” for a week (second trainer)! That is to say, Elder K was my “mom”. Tomorrow Elder P is leaving and I am receiving my new companion, Elder L, and our trio will break up. My new district leader will be Elder K, and he will be having a son (or training a new missionary), which is pretty cool for him. He only has 3 months more on the mission than me. 

I have to say, working in a trio is HARD. It’s like a continuous sleepover for a week (nobody can stop talking so I’m super tired the whole week). We ran into issues with which investigators belong to whom when the trio is over, but we worked it out just fine. But we had more work than normal, so that was cool. Real work (not contacting) is hard to find sometimes.

As for my Spanish, it is rapidly improving. There are times when I understand every little word, and times when I don’t understand much at all. But those times are usually when I’m not paying attention or I’m SUPER tired (which happens here more than it’s ever happened in my life), but you just learn to work through it and strain your mind, because you know you should. I started reading the Book of Mormon last week in Spanish and I can understand almost all of it. There are normally one or two words in every chapter that I don’t know, but I know the book so well in English, and I can understand the rest of the chapter so well, that I usually know exactly what the word is by context. And that’s not all! Everyone says this next transfer (transfer number 3 in the field, or months 4 - 5 &1/2) are when the white guys (gringos) learn the most Spanish. They say it’s an exponential increase. I’m honestly absolutely certain that I’m going to be fluent in one to two more months. That’s a miracle, to learn a language in 6 months or less. Think about that. Normally it takes people YEARS to learn a language. So why would I, and most other missionaries, learn it so quickly? 

It’s because what we are preaching is true. And because its true, God wants every one of his children to hear it, so that they may have the opportunity to accept it, and by their acceptance, return to live with Him. So He gives us the gift of tongues, that we may bring this message to all the ends of the earth. For me, well, He sent me to Mexico. 

As for the Book of Mormon: Well, there’s certainly a lot of heat that some people dish out to this book. In my experience, wanna know how many of them have read it? None. They haven’t read it. When you read it, it carries a promise from God, that you will KNOW that the book is true. I’ve read it, and so have many other people in the world. And they know. Just like I know. The book is true. How can you know? You just have to read it. And then follow with exactness the instructions of Moroni in the end to ask God.

Culture notes:

The weather here is almost wonderful right now. I LOVE the cloudy days because it means that it’s not that hot. But it’s not cloudy all the time. Currently it is sunny and mild. 

Our investigator found work. He’s working a LONG ways away in another part of Mexico…. at a VERY crucial time in his life.

I hope they don’t fire Miles (LSU). He’s got more in the tank.

I’ve gotten several things from you guys. I’ve gotten letters from September and one package of my ties, and the goody box, which was delicious. So yes, I DO get stuff. 

I’ve been told that Mexican Christmas is a lot like USA. Probably because everything is commercialized now. It’s just a lot poorer.

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