Sunday, December 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

So this week was wild. And your prayers were felt. I’m going to talk about it in blocks. 

First, the week: 

Well, our numbers were terrible this week, but they don’t truly reflect the week. We found many more new investigators than normal, but still not enough. They all ended up falling - except for one family. The family is a family of five, and I hope we will baptize all of them. The father is very poor and doesn’t have work right now, but can read and is interested. The mother feels the spirit when we teach very strongly.

Last Monday and Tuesday were the end of my first transfer. Unfortunately, my friend Elder J got moved to the zone Tuxtapec. His reign of terror in Los Tuxtlas is at an end. Fortunately for me his replacement is Elder K, who is also a gringo. So it’s not the end of being able to talk English now and then. This may confuse you all. Elder P is my companion, but we live above another pair of missionaries, Elder G, and now, Elder K. Elder G is the district leader. He is from Guatemala, speaks very good English, and is going to die (go home) after this transfer. He’s got almost the whole two years. 

The weekend: 

I got super sick Friday and Saturday morning, but fortunately healed up right in time for conference. Which was awesome! Conference was awesome! Mom please attach how people can access Bednar’s talk online and invite them to read it. It’s why I am doing what I am doing. 

Tell all the people that I didn’t have time to write to that I will write to them next week, I’m sorry. My comp is hovering over my shoulder now trying to kill me for the minute extra typing this... sorry bye! Busy…

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